How does Mediflow work
The Tech behind Trusted Digital Claims

Privacy-Preserving Distributed Ledger

Mediflow is built on enterprise blockchain or distributed ledger technology (DLT), which helps those who do not fully trust each other to form and maintain consensus about the existence, status, and evolution of a set of shared facts, through the immutability (unchanging over time or unable to be changed) of records. Immutable claim information along with consistent records offers a reliable replacement of paperwork processes, thus enabling straight-through processing (STP) for health insurance claims, a first in history and a huge step forward to better overall health care quality.


Mediflow is built on a proprietary cryptography library with zero-knowledge proofs and other privacy preserving protocols. Mediflow also implemented the concept of self-sovereign identity. Book a Seminar to learn more.


Mediflow is built on immutable distributed ledger technology, a reliable set of records from which all parties could use to streamline business processes. Book a Seminar to learn more.


Mediflow uses a traceable randomised notary network that prevents multiple-spending attacks on the distributed ledger and bridges network activities into the legal realm of the real world. Book a Seminar to learn more.