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Mediflow expedites the application and approval process of insurance claims by securely and efficiently connecting insurance companies and medical practitioners. The service saves cost, eliminate cross-border duplicated claims, and provide reliable and relevant patient information to medical institutions and insurance companies. Mediflow allows patients to take full control of their own electronic health records, with proprietary blockchain and cryptographic technologies to ensure a high-level of data and privacy protection.

A New Standard for Healthcare Efficiency and Effectiveness

Expedited Approvals

Mediflow helps patients in coordination with insurers to manage the status of insurance policies, eliminating delays and miscommunication from paperwork.

Expedited Settlement

Mediflow connects patients, insurers, and medical service providers with a single and shared set of information, so claims may be settled as soon as they are approved.

Extreme Privacy

Mediflow is private by design in adherence to the principles of the EU GDPR, protecting the interests of patients and reducing the risk of insurers and medical service providers.