benefit from unprecendented security and privacy
Benefits for


Patients want to spend the minimal amount of time in their experience as a patient, which includes the clinic experience and the medical claims experience. Like everyone else, patients also want to protect their privacy, especially due to the very private nature of health data. Mediflow ensures transparency and efficiency, bringing a better experience and higher clinical service, while preserving their privacy.

Privacy is paramount

Mediflow doctors respect privacy because the system forces everyone to preserve privacy. Patients interact directly with insurers regarding policy information, and control access to all portable health data. Patient is never obligated to share more than is required for each specific session.

Paperwork no more

Mediflow doctors do not need patients to fill out paperwork, which is time-consuming for everyone and has potential for mistakes. Mediflow clinics use QR codes to transfer information, eliminating paperwork and the potential for mistakes.

Peace-of-mind with quality

Mediflow doctors are not forced to compromise any quality of care, as their business and operational administrative burdens have been greatly reduced from the direct trusted connection with insurers.