benefit from insurtech beyond just the tech
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Insurers are experts in the business of managing risk. In their optimised state, unfavourable circumstances are either the costs of doing business or a challenge to be managed accordingly. Most types of frauds are costs of doing business, while legal and regulatory compliance are managed accordingly. Mediflow helps insurers reduce the costs of doing business and proactively prepare for changes in legal and regulatory landscape, such as GDPR.

Ready for GDPR

Unlike every other insurtech or healthtech system out there right now, Mediflow was designed with GDPR in mind from day one, a cumulation of years of research and development into blockchains, DLTs, privacy protocols, and cryptography while monitoring the legal and regulatory landscape in Europe and around the world. Book a Seminar to learn more about how Mediflow will de-risk your business in a new privacy-respecting environment.

Paperless Processing

Mediflow provides information to relevant parties in a verifiable, trusted, timely, and transparent manner. Besides reducing errors, paperless straight-through processing enables cashless setttlement at the medical facility, quicker settlement after the service, and updates to patient claims and records that would not be possible before. Book a Seminar to learn more about how Mediflow can expand your influence overseas.

Defeating Multiple-Claims Fraud

As more and more insurers join the network worldwide, Mediflow would be able to eliminate multiple-claims fraud, where fraudsters take advantage of information assymmetry to over-claim or even falsely claim. Book a Seminar to learn more about how Mediflow can stop this type of fraud.